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Yankee Mattress Factory is partnered with a separate, online-only company called Custom Mattress Makers™️. Their website allows customers to purchase Yankee Mattresses from the comfort of their homes without having to visit the store. All mattresses are shipped via UPS to any home located within the 48 contiguous states. Both standard sizes and odd/special size mattresses are available. 

IMPORTANT - Please read below before visiting Custom Mattress Makers™️:

1.  Mattresses sold by Custom Mattress Makers™️ are only available online. These mattresses are not on display at Yankee Mattress stores and can only be purchased from the Custom Mattress Makers™️ website.

2.  Custom Mattress Makers™️ sells only mattresses. Boxsprings, bed frames, etc. are not available for purchase on this website.

3.  All mattresses sold by Custom Mattress Makers™️ are shipped and delivered via UPS. Inside delivery, setup, and old piece removal are not available. For in-home delivery service, please purchase from a Yankee Mattress store.


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Custom Mattress Makers™