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Body Pillow with memory foam puffs and cooling cover

Experience full-body cooling comfort with our SUB-0° Body Pillow. The combination of our gel-infused memory foam shell filled with memory foam puffs provides reserved response support throughout the night. A custom sized, 100% cotton pillowcase is included with purchase.


*Pillow dimensions: 43″ x 16″
*Typically in-stock and available for pickup at any store.
*Manufactured by PureCare.

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How FRÍO fibers are made:
A proprietary mix of minerals are crushed into powder and added to liquid polyester. Once combined, the fiber solidifies, fusing the unique mineral properties into the core of each FRÍO fiber. Thus, the cooling benefits from these fibers are literally built into each FRÍO thread and will not wash out, lasting the lifetime of the product.

How FRÍO fibers work:
The unique tunneling effect of each FRÍO technical textile fiber keeps heat from accumulating in the material surrounding the body, providing a refreshingly cooler sleep surface. FRÍO’s rapid chill cooling fibers disperse body heat throughout the surface of the pillow at a rate five times faster than that of regular polyester, focusing solely on heat reduction along the sleep surface.

Each cover is treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odors on this product.

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