Cooling Fiber Pillow

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Cooling pillow with designer down alternative fibers

  • Breathable fiber fill
  • Soft and smooth support
  • Cover provides a cool sleep surface

*Pillow dimensions: Queen – 28″ x 20″
*Typically in-stock and available for pickup at any store.
*Manufactured by PureCare.

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If you love the feel of down but suffer from feather allergens, our Cooling Fiber Pillow is designed just for you. Our cloud-like designer down alternative fiber provides breathable, cushioned support with down-like loft for continuous comfort. Topped off with added cooling, we’ve wrapped our Fiber Pillow in our Tencel & FRíO® cooling cover for a chilled sleep surface that lasts throughout the night.

Down-Like Comfort

For millions of Americans, nighttime allergens and asthma not only disrupt healthy sleep patterns, they are also the culprit behind dark eye circles and stuffy sleep. That’s why we designed a down alternative fill that feels like down but won’t break down over time like traditional feathers. Our Identically Down fiber provides the lush support you love from down without the allergen drawbacks.

Comfort + Cooling

Cool to the touch, our pillow covers feature responsive FRÍO® rapid chill cooling fibers. How does it work? Micarex minerals at the core of each fiber form countless heat-channeling tunnels, creating pathways that allow your body heat to dissipate quicker throughout each FRíO® fiber. Our FRÍO® covers are also blended with soft and refreshing Tencel threads to help you enjoy a refreshingly cooler sleep surface all night long.

Want cleaner sleep? This pillow is 100% machine washable. Launder on a warm, gentle cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low until thoroughly dry.

Bundle tip: Add a pillow protector for complete protection.

Our pillow protectors can be washed and dried on hot settings to help you create a cleaner, more hygienic sleep surface. Bundle your new pillow with a protector for complete 360° protection.

All PureCare wellness products feature our antimicrobial silver product protection, which remains active for over 50 washings and never impacts the comfort or softness of our fabrics. Plus, the beneficial cooling properties within our FRíO® fibers will never wash out, lasting the lifetime of our pillows.

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