Shop Smart

Shopping for a new mattress?

Be an informed consumer!

  • Beware of unbelievable sales or huge price drops
    Why would a store give you half off unless they marked the product up high to begin with? They intentionally trick you, the consumer, into thinking you're getting a great deal but in reality you are not. No business can be profitable if they cut their prices in half, unless their "suggested retail" price is artificially inflated. Yankee Mattress Factory does not have sales, just honest factory direct prices every day.
  • The Yankee Mattress Factory is factory-direct
    Every mattress we sell is made in our own factory. There is no middleman mark-up to inflate the price. EVERY other store is a “middleman”, period.
  • Ask for product specifications
    We use the finest materials available, from super high density foams to the best coil systems. We can show you these materials and explain why our products are superior. Beware of the retailer who does not know the product they sell inside and out! Ask for a description or specification sheet of the materials used in the mattress they show you. If they don’t know or won’t tell you, please consider this in your purchase decision. You want the best quality and value for your money.
  • We respect our competition and will never speak badly about them
    We are proud of the products we make and the services we provide. You will never hear any of our staff speak badly of any of our competition – we prefer to spend our time and effort to make our customers happy!!
  • Voted Best Local Mattress Store for 12 years running!
    Our proudest accomplishment!

Shopping for a mattress can be frustrating, confusing and even (when it comes to pricing) shocking. Not at Yankee Mattress Factory. We make our high-quality mattresses by hand and sell them at factory-direct prices in our friendly, low-pressure stores.

You will never be rushed or intimidated at a Yankee Mattress Factory store. We will happily provide counsel on what to look for in a mattress, show you mattresses of all sizes and bed frames of all heights, listen to your needs and encourage you to lie down and relax.

We are also good at putting you in the best position to be comfortable and happy. If you find your mattress is not the right firmness or softness, we will adjust it for free within 100 days. If you are past the 100 days, we can still provide a service that can change the firmness of your mattress at that time.

To make your mattress shopping easy, we have created a shopping checklist. Bring it to a Yankee Mattress store in Agawam, Springfield, Northampton or Greenfield for a completely comfortable shopping experience.