Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes your mattresses?

A: Every mattress Yankee Mattress sells is hand-made by Yankee Mattress at our factory in Agawam, MA. We do not sell national brands in order to maintain our factory-direct prices as well as our integrity. See our Mattress collections by clicking HERE.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Yes we do. We offer full delivery and setup to customers within 60 miles of our factory in Agawam, MA. Pricing will vary depending on your location and products ordered. Removal of old mattress & boxsprings is available as well for $15 per piece. If you live outside of 60 miles from Agawam, MA, you are more than welcome to pick up your new products at our factory. Old mattress/boxsprings can also be dropped off during a pick up.

Q: Are you currently running any sales?

A: At Yankee Mattress, we do not run sales and haven't since we've opened in 1999. The reason we don't run special sales is because we are a factory-direct company that sells our products straight to you. This cuts out the middle-man's profit and also cuts Big-Box store prices in half. See our "SHOP SMART" section to learn more about how other store's sales events are deceiving.

Q: How can you possibly offer a better product at a better price than the big national chains. Don’t they have better prices because they are so big and buy and sell so many mattresses?

A: Any mattress store that does not make their own products is a “Middleman”. This means they buy the mattresses they sell from a wholesaler and then mark the mattress up and sells it to you. This is an extra layer of profit that you are forced to pay. Yankee Mattress Factory is not a middleman, we are both the manufacturer and retailer of the products we sell. You do not pay the extra “middleman profit” allowing you to save money on a better mattress. How is it better? Here's why: The "Big Box" stores mostly sell national brands. National brand manufacturers are not known for using the highest quality mattress materials available. This is especially true when it comes to foam. The majority of mattresses you will find at any store will use a polyurethane foam in the quilting (top) and comfort layer (under top, above springs). Both of these layers have a big role in creating the firm or soft feel when you lay on the mattress. These layers also tend to be the first components to show wear and break down. Have you had a mattress that looks like a hammock? Perhaps only a couple years after you started using it? This is typical behavior of low quality or low-density foam. Since these layers break down first, you want to make it a priority to have high-density foam in your mattress. Polyurethane foam, specifically in the bedding industry, is available in a wide spectrum of density levels. It's common to find 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 lb. foams in many national brand mattresses. 1.5 lb. and 1.8 lb. foams are harder find but are available in high end, very expensive models. The foam density in all Yankee Mattresses start at 1.5 lb. in the quilting and 1.8 lb. in the comfort layer. Some mattresses even use a 2.8 lb. That's a whole 2 lbs. heavier than most national brands! This is what really sets Yankee Mattress apart from everyone else. Mattresses that don't "hammock" and wear out prematurely.

Q: How do you make your mattresses fire resistant?

A: We use a layer of felt like material just beneath the fabric of the mattress. This material is made using rayon, which is an inert and odorless mineral that provides the necessary flare retardancy to comply with federal standards. We have never, and will never, use any type of spray on chemical to fire proof a Yankee Mattress. For more information, please click HERE.

Q: Do I need to rotate my mattress?

A: The answer is a resounding YES. Our recommendation is once every 1-2 months. This is simply a spinning of the mattress 180°, head-to-toe. Be sure to spin King sizes completely head-to-toe, as the size is not a perfect square and a quarter turn will hang off the sides a bit. All mattresses, regardless of the design and composition, should be rotated regularly. Since mattress materials consist of upholstery foams and coil springs, both of these materials will wear over time in the areas they are compressed. Rotating the mattress relieves areas of compression and provides a "break" for the materials to return to their original state. The reasoning behind this is very similar to that of rotating car tires. Driving too long without rotating will cause abnormal wear and a reduction in performance.

Q: I have found a mattress in your store that I like but it would be even better if it were slightly firmer or softer. Can you customize my mattress so it better suits my needs?

A: Yes! As long as the changes are minimal, we are happy to customize your mattress to your comfort needs for no additional cost.

Q: I hate pushy salespeople!! Will I be uncomfortable in your stores?

A: No way! Our mattress specialists understand that buying a mattress can be confusing and overwhelming. They will always try to help you to become educated as you find the right mattress but will not pressure you to buy a mattress until you are ready.

Q: What happens if I get my mattress and don't like it?

A: Our mattress specialists will do their very best to assist you in finding the perfect mattress. We also understand that it is sometimes difficult to be 100% positive the mattress you test in the store will be perfect for you after you get it home. We offer a free adjustment service that is available up to 100 nights after getting your mattress home. This adjustment literally "adjusts" the comfort of your mattress, firmer or softer depending on your preference. This is offered to all customers who purchase from a Yankee Mattress store. See our "FREE 100 DAY COMFORT ADJUSTMENT" page for more details. Have you had your Yankee Mattress longer than 100 nights and still want an adjustment? We can do it! For a fee, the same adjustment is available up until the last day of that mattress' warranty. See our "LIFETIME COMFORT ADJUSTMENT" page for more information.

Q: I'm interested in a double-sided mattress. Do you make those?

A: All of our mattresses are designed to be single sided. The reason for this is because we have a strong belief that the high-density foams and supportive innersprings we use will perform as expected for the length of the mattresses life. In fact, tests have shown that single-sided mattresses, using modern components, will show less wear over time than a mattress that is double-sided. This can be explained by taking into consideration the amount of weight being applied to each comfort layer. When a mattress is single sided, the upholstery layer on top is only worn by an individuals body weight. When a mattress is double-sided, the upholstery layer on the bottom is not only worn by body weight, but also by the weight of the mattress itself. One more important point to keep in mind is that a double-sided mattress will feel different than a single-sided. In a single-sided design, there is only an insulator pad under the coil system which provides a unique feel. When we replace that insulator pad with a softer upholstery layer, the mattress will compress more and feel softer. For example, let's say you test a mattress in the store and it's single sided. If you like the comfort level and feel of that model but plan to order it as double-sided, it will not feel the same. The double-sided mattress you get home will feel softer than what you tested in the store. Taking these points into consideration, there is no real benefit to having a mattress made with two sleeping surfaces. However, if an individual has an extenuating circumstance and requires their mattress to be flippable, we do have the ability to build certain models to reflect this . On our In-Store Mattresses page, beneath the price of the mattress, it will be listed whether or not the mattress can be made double-sided. Contact your nearest Yankee Mattress location for more information.

Q: Do your mattresses have warranties?

A: Yes. Every Yankee Mattress has a 100% non-prorated warranty attached to it. Length of the warranty will vary depending on the mattress model. You can read our "Yankee Mattress Warranty" for more details.

Q: Are your mattresses comparable to this national brand I tried at another store?

A: Comparing Yankee Mattresses to national brand mattresses is very, very tough. The reason for this is because the large national brands typically do not make available the exact specifications of the materials inside the mattress. Things such as foam density, steel coil gauge, and edge supports are very important but are sometimes not listed on the national brand specification lists. They're not listed because they are most likely poor quality, or, the salesperson is not knowledgeable of these mattress components. In Yankee Mattress showrooms, you'll find a detailed list of every material included in our mattresses. You will have the opportunity to compare each model and choose which materials would fit your comfort level best. Check our "Shop Smart" page for tips on how not to be fooled by Big Box Stores.

Q: How long does it take to get a Yankee Mattress?

A: Most Yankee Mattresses are made-as-ordered. Right after you place your order, our production team gathers the necessary raw materials and begins the process of hand-crafting your mattress. We want your new Yankee Mattress to be made specifically for you. Typical lead-times can vary, depending on the current times and material availability. The best way to get an idea of a timeline is to call one of our stores. Our staff will be happy to explain the process and how long it takes. If you need a custom/odd-size or special order, the lead time will be longer depending on the size and amount of work involved to produce the product. On occasion, Yankee Mattress will have various models in-stock. These differ from location to location. If you are looking to take a mattress home the day you stop in, please call your nearest Yankee Mattress location to see what is in-stock.

Q: I have an adjustable base. Do you make mattresses that will work for me?

A: Yes. Although we can customize any of our mattresses to work with an adjustable base, the ones that work best in this situation have individually "pocketed-coils". These mattresses do not have a rigid, steel border rod around the outside rim, making it very flexible and easier to bend. We have a range of mattress models that use this "pocketed coil system". You can find them listed on our MATTRESSES page.

Q: I'm sensitive to smells. Will my Yankee Mattress off-gas?

A: Although all mattress components will have a new smell to some extent, we are well known for keeping it to a minimum. From experience, we've noticed that the bulk of off-gassing issues pertain to memory foam mattresses. Due to the large amount of foam within the mattress and no coils, there's a greater chance you will notice a smell. Since all Yankee Mattresses are built with innersprings, around 80% of the mattress is not foam. The space in between each spring allows air to pass through the bed, therefore the new smell will be minimal and will dissipate quickly. All poly-foams used in Yankee Mattress's are approved by Click here for more information regarding this accreditation.

Q: I have an antique bed that is an odd-size. I'm not confident measuring it myself. Will someone come out and measure it for me?

A: Yes! We will be happy to send a professional out to your home to measure your bed. We build many odd-sized mattresses on a weekly basis and know how to correctly measure bed frames to insure a perfect fit. A small fee will be charged for this service, but it is very reasonable. Click HERE to send us an email via our Contact Us page, or, visit your nearest Yankee Mattress showroom to schedule an appointment.