Lifetime Comfort Adjustment

Adjust the firmness anytime during the mattress warranty

The "Lifetime Comfort Adjust" program kicks in on the 101st night of use, after the Free 100 Night Comfort Adjustment Program ends. "Lifetime" is defined by the terms of the warranty as printed on the law tag of your mattress. For example, let's say your mattress has a 10 year warranty - you can take advantage of the "Lifetime Comfort Adjust" until 10 years past the day you purchased the mattress.

If you would believe an adjustment would be beneficial, Yankee Mattress will add/remove either firm or plush upholstery materials to the comfort layer of your mattress. This is not a complete rebuild, but a refreshing of the mattress in attempt to better fit your comfort preference. We start by removing the top quilt, then we replace/add/remove up to 2" of upholstery. If necessary, worn upholstery materials will be removed and replaced. If it would be better to keep existing materials in place, new materials are added to supplement. Just as the "100 Night Comfort Adjustment" states, the physical appearance of the mattress will change very little.

Please read the following details regarding the adjustment process

  • This adjustment is extended to the original purchaser only.
  • This is a ONE-TIME adjustment during the warranty period of the mattress, the length of which is printed on the law tag (5/5 for 5-year, 10/10 for 10-year, etc.)
  • This adjustment involves the changing of only the upholstery materials inside the top layer of the mattress. Coils or coil systems cannot be altered during this service. Yankee Mattress will change the upholstery padding to make the mattress either firmer or softer. The effectiveness of this change will vary depending on the model. Due to ongoing changes in material availability, it is impossible to exactly match the comfort level of your mattress to a different model. This adjustment can only make your mattress firmer or softer than it's current state.
  • There is a fee for this service. Please see pricing chart below for current costs. We will use up to 2" of 1.8 or 2.8 density padding in this adjustment. The new foam density will be matched to what was in the mattress when it was originally made. Due to manufacturing restrictions, we cannot use memory foam or latex foam.

Would you like it slightly or substantially firmer/softer?

When you contact your Yankee Mattress store, our staff will be happy to discuss options on how to improve the comfort level. If you would like the difference in comfort to be slight, the padding will be adjusted to feel slightly firmer/softer. If you are looking for a more substantial change, the padding will be adjusted to reflect that. Taking into consideration the construction of the mattress, as well as your desired degree of change, Yankee Mattress will complete the adjustment accordingly.

If you plan on transporting the mattress personally, our staff will work with our factory to schedule a date and time it can be brought in. We strongly recommend using a protective mattress bag during transport to avoid soiling or damaging your mattress. We can provide a bag free of charge, just let us know that you will need one when you call or stop in. If you drop your mattress off in the morning of a regular workday, Monday through Friday, we can usually have the adjustment completed by that same afternoon.

Need delivery help?

If you are unable to transport your mattress to our factory, we would be happy to provide round trip transportation for an additional fee. This service would include pick-up of your mattress, transportation to our factory, and re-delivery back to your home. This already reduced fee is non-negotiable.
*Due to the amount of labor and delivery time required for this service, we ask that you plan to be without the mattress for at least one night.


  • Mattress must not be soiled or stained in any way. Yankee Mattress Factory reserves the right to refuse adjustments on any mattress that is stained and/or soiled.
  • This adjustment is only available on products purchased at a Yankee Mattress Factory showroom.
  • Upholstery materials added during this adjustment are at the sole discretion of Yankee Mattress Factory.
  • Please note that the Lifetime Comfort Adjustment program is not offered for floor samples or discontinued products.
  • Only the original purchaser may participate in this program.
  • The Lifetime Comfort Adjustment program ends on the day the mattress warranty expires.
  • *Prices are subject to change depending on the market cost of raw materials. Dimensions are approximate and may be slightly different on some mattresses.