Pre-Mattress Shopping Checklist

Check off this list before you stop into Yankee Mattress. It will save you a trip back home!

  • I know what size my mattress is.
  • I've checked the condition of my boxspring and noted it.
  • I've measured the height from the floor to the rail of my bed frame.
  • If I will be needing a queen or full boxspring, I have measured to make sure the one piece will fit in my house or up my stairs. If it won't fit, I know I will need a "split-boxspring"
  • If I share a bed with someone, I need to bring them in with me to try the mattresses.
  • I'll make sure to wear comfortable clothes when I go to the store.
  • I've answered this question: "I am replacing my old mattress because..." What is my reason for shopping for a new mattress? Was it worn out? Too firm/soft? Did it not perform properly? Etc.

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