The Yankee Mattress Factory Disclaimer:

Return Policy:

Due to the custom nature of this Yankee Mattress, refunds/returns are not accepted. This product is made to your specific size/shape and is unique to your request. Please note that this product does come with a full Factory Warranty in the unlikely event a product defect occurs.

Size Tolerance:

Your new Yankee Mattress is made using the latest in pocketed-coil technology. This makes your mattress very comfy and super-durable. This type of coil system, unlike traditional coil springs, is very flexible and forgiving. Because of this flexibility, your mattress may be of a slightly different size than was ordered. When we make a Yankee Mattress, the size is measured and checked prior to packaging. As the product is compressed and rolled, shipped and then opened, it may be slightly smaller or larger than it originally was. No worries, over time it will settle and will return to its original size and shape.


Like a new car, your Yankee Mattress may have a slight odor when it is first unrolled (we love that new smell!). This will dissipate quickly. If you would like to speed this dissipation simply crack a window in the area to allow for cross ventilation. Please rest assured that any smell from your new mattress is completely harmless.


Stains can be spot cleaned with a little soap and warm water, being careful to not use too much water. The mattress can be damaged if it becomes too wet. We recommend using a protective mattress cover to eliminate mattress soiling. If you have a standard size mattress, these can be purchased on our website.

Adjusting to new mattress:

Getting accustomed to any new mattress may take a little time. With our years of experience, we have seen folks love their mattress the second they lay down. We have also seen folks who take up to 30 days to become accustomed to their new mattress. Please be patient. Once you adjust to the high level of support this mattress provides, your patience will pay off in spades with your nights of great sleep!